Solved 2012 LDO question paper

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Best possible answers are provided in the table, please comment in case of doubtful answers…

1Ultrasonographically on which days of gestation period can sexing of fetus be done most accurately in bovines 60 to 80 days
2Which of the following species is short day breeder SheepOther short day breeders-goat, mice

Long day breeder- horse
3In which condition is there original deficiency in contractile potential of myometriumPrimary uterine inertiaSecondary uterine inertia-myometrium become exhausted after prolonged contraction
4Length of estrus cycled is controlled by Corpus luteum
5Waxing of teats before parturition is observed in MareThis wax is nothing but tiny droplets of colostrum that generally visible 13-36 hrs before foaling
6In cattle, early embryonic deaths are recorded in VibriosisBrucella, Listeria- last trimester
7Undulating fever in man is caused by the organism B. abortus
8Zonary placenta is seen in CanineZonary- dog, cat

Cotyledonary- ruminants

Discoid- human, monkey
9Relationship between the longitudinal axis of fetus and maternal birth canal known as Presentation
10Semen can be collected from wild animal by which methodsElectroejaculation Male is anesthetized before collection
11What does an eosinophilia indicate Parasitic or allergicBacterial- Neutrophilia Viral- lymphocytosis
12Which is phagocytic cellMonocytelocalized monocytes are macrophages
13Deficiency of which vitamin causes night blindness Vit AVit C- scurvy Vit D- rickets
14Sarcoma is tumor arising from Connective tissueEpithelial tissue- carcinoma
15Tuberculous nodules in cattle show Caseous necrosis
16Which of the following is not a circulatory disturbance HypertrophyHypertrophy is increased size of cells
17 FMD is known asApthous feverApthae- mouth ulcers
18Post mortem contraction and stiffening of muscles of bodys called as Rigor mortisLivor mortis- collection of blood in dependant parts after death

Algor mortis- cooling of body after death

Pseudo melanosis- pigmentation of tissue by blood pigments after death
19Increases in number of cells leading to increase organ size and weight is called asHypertrophy Hyperplasia- increase in number of cells atrophy-reduction in size of organ aplasia- failure of organ or tissue to develop
20Inflammation of brain is called as EncephalitisEncephalomyelitis- inflammation of brain and spinal cord

Myelitis- inflammation of spinal cord

Enteritis- inflammation of intestine
21Study of weights and measures used in preparation of drug is called as MetrologyPosology- study of dosage

Pharmacy- preparing and dispensing of drug

Materia medica- encyclopedia of therapeutic properties of each drug.
22Macromolecular component of cell with which drug reacts and produces its effect is called as Receptor
23What is the example of ultra-short acting barbiturate Thiopentone
24Which antiviral drug is an important inducer of the interferon Poly I-Poly C
25Acidic drugs are absorbed from
26The plant causing secondary photo sensitization is Lantana camara
27Abrus poisoning is called asSui poisoning Sui=needle
28Specific antidote in lead poisoning is Calcium EDTA
29Which toxin causes lameness
30Placebo isA dummy medication
31Who among the following used cow pox virus for small pox vaccination for the first time Edward Jenner
32Which of the following diseases has been eradicated form India Rinderpest
33Which of the following organism produces toxin in canned food Cl. Botulinum
34Pateurella multocida causes All of the aboveHS, Snuffles in rabbit, Shipping fever, Fowl cholera
35Bacteria causing strangles and navel ill in foals belong to the genus StreptococcusActinobacillosis- wooden tongue
36Glanders is a chronic granulomatous and ulcerating disease of equines caused by facultative intracellular pathogen classified asBurkholderia mallei
37Which of the following is most suitable for screening of herds for infecting due to Mycobateruim avium subsp paratuberculosis Johnin test
38Which of the following acts as the reservoir for avian influenza virus Aquatic birdsAquatic (wild) birds
39Which of the following is an insect borne viral disease primarily affecting sheep bluetongue
40Transfer of portion of DNA from one bacterium to the other with the help of phage is known as Transduction
41Female of which worm has got appearance of barbers pole
Hemonchus contortus
42What causes early abortion in cattle Tritrichomonas foetus
43Which of the following is the definitive host of Toxoplasma gondii cat
44Argus persicus the soft tick of birds is responsible for transmission ofFowl spirochetosis
45Which flies breed in water
46Thrombocytopenia is characteristic feature ofCanine ehrlichiosis
47Recently reported tick transmitted viral zoonotic infection in man from Gujarat is CCHF
48The body of flea is Laterally compressed
49The tarsi of bird louse has got ………………..pairs of clawsOne pair i.e. 2 clawsMammalian single claw (may be due to mammals cant fly therefore very tight grip is not required !)
50The drug commonly used as prophylactic measure against surra in cattle isAntrycide prosaltCurative- dimenazine aceturate
51Which hormone is responsible for the letdown of milk from the mammary gland of cow and buffalo ?OxytoxinProlactin- milk production
52Erythrocytes are elliptical and nucleated in CamelAlso in birds
53Out of the total gas produced in ruminant stomach , the methane comprise about
54Which hormone acts on kidney tubules to increase the reabsorption of ca +2 and at the same time promotes the extraction of phosphorus ?Parathyroid hormone
55In which animal are vitamin B complex deficiencies generally not observed ?
56Which is the major immunoglobulin secreted in colostrum responsible for passive immunity in newborn calf ?IgGIgA-mucus surfaces
57Which two ions in combination are clinically important in dehydrated animals with intravenous therapy to maintain normal resting membrane potential ?Sodium and chloride
58Which muscles are primarily involved in powerful body movement ?
59The interval from onset of estrus (GnRH surge ) to ovulation in cow is24-30 hrs
60In which the following animals are accessory sex glands i.e. ampullae absent ?Dog
61What is the structural and functional unit of kidney ?Nephron
62Which structure is formed by the union of illium , ischium and pubis of pelvic bone ?Acetabulum
63Which is the longest cranial nerve in the ox ?Vagus
64What is name given for first cervical vertebra in the ox ?Atlas
65Which is the largest cranial nerve in the ox?Trigeminal
66What is the space between the duramater and arachanoid called ?Subdural space
67Which species consist of “V” shaped uterine horns ?BitchHorse- T shaped
68In which species is gall bladder absent ?HorseAlso absent in deer, rats and laminoids
69Adrenal cortex of gland comprise all of the above
70Which joint is formed by the junction of the distal end of the scapula with the proximal end of the humerus ?Shoulder joint
71Generally for the identification of dairy animal it is the practice to brand serial on particular side of tight and hard number on a particular side of thigh .this are respectively
72What are the specification for “very good “ grade milk as per the bacteriological started of raw milk followed in india ?
73In which season is annual vaccination of anthrax recommended particularly for the dairy cattle ?Anytime of the year ???
74Which indigenous cattle breed is used for upgrading and improving local livestock of European origin breeds for beef purpose ?
75In transportation by foot the cattle can be driven for how many kilometers per day ?20-25 kms
76What is the ideal time interval between two milkings ?12 hrs
77The average daily amount of dung/faeces voided by dairy buffalo is 25 kg
78Which one of the following buffalo breeds is famous for sickle shaped horns ?Surti
79The DCP and TDN content of the concentrate provided to the dairy cow must be
80The frozen semen may be stored by using solid CO2 (dry ice) and alcohol at-79 ° C
81How many temporary teeth are present in cattle?20
82The open paddock floor space requirement of cattle and buffalo is
83Which method of breeding is highly effective foe characters that are largely under the control of gene with additive effect like milk production and growth rate ?Inbreeding ?????????
84The formation of glucose from protein and fat is called as Gluconeogenesis
85The developed buffalo breed mehsana is evolved by crossbreeding ofSurati and Murrha
86In what way are (a) upper limit of birth weight of large side indigenous goat breed and (b) lower limit of birth weight of crossbred goat related ?
87If male kids are castrated at the age of 2 to 4 weeks, than which of the following statement are correct ?
88In rotational grazing system (a) pasture of one paddock gets rest of 45 days (b) each paddock is grazed for 15 days ,then
89Floor space requirement for goat kids upto the age of 3 months is 6 sq.ft./kid,then upto 6 months and 12 months age group ,respective floor space requirement is
90In goats dentition and ageing , which type of deciduous teeth are absent ?Molars and canines
91Mohair is produced from the goat, then which statement is given below is correct ?
92What is the average twinning percent is Osmanabadi goat ?40 %
93Wool is clipped thrice a year, then which wool is of best quality ?
94In which way is carbonization useful for spinning of yarn ?Removal of vegetable matter from wool
95Which is the most suitable range of environmental temperature for efficient milk production in dairy cows ?40-75 F
96A chicken egg yolk contains practically all of the known vitamins except the following?Vit CAs it is water soluble
97What is the biological value of egg protein?95%
98What is the reason for the slow growth of Indian export of poultry products?
99Which class of chicken produces white shelled eggs?MeditteraneanBrown shelled- American, Asiatic, English
100What is the minimum practical limit of ammonia level in a poultry house?20ppm
101The carbon dioxide (CO2) in the poultry shed should not exceed_________0.5%
102What is the main component of a shell of an egg?Calcium carbonate
103What is the term for surgically castrated male chickens?Capon
104Giblets are edible part of carcass which includeLiver, gizzard, heart
105Which breed of chicken lays bluish green eggs ?Aroucana
106During hydrolysis, cellulose yields disaccharides having linkage as
107What is the essential fatty acid in the diet of breeder hen for normal hatchability of egg ?Linoleic acid
108What is the yield of ATP per mole of glycerol ?
109During the deficiency of which of the following is Pica condition noticed in cattle ?Phosporus
110Piglet anaemia occurs due to the deficiency ofIron
111Which of the following vitamins is known as anti-sterility vitamin in rat nutrition ?Vit E
112As the energy content of fat is higher than carbohydrates, while calculating total digestible nutrients (TDN) digestible ether extract is multiplied by factor
113Which of the following amino acids contains sulphur ?CystineOther-Methionine, homocysteine and taurine
114Nutritive value of poor quality roughage can be enhanced byUrea treatment
115As per BIS specification, CP content of Type I cattle feed should be22%Type II- 20%
116Transition period in dairy animals is generally considered to be (about)Last 21 days before and 21 days after calving
117For prevention of piglet anemia, paint the udder of sow daily with_______ iron and copper sulphate solution.1% ?????
118Cannibalism occurs in poultry when diet is
119Designer egg containsHigh omega 3 fatty acidsAlso known as functional eggs, diet eggs, omega-3 fatty acid enriched eggs.
120Oil-seed cakes and meals are rich inProteins
121Which the of following is the aseptic cause of fever in animals ?Tissue breakdown during surgery
122Which of the following terminologies is referred as "pica" ?Allotriophagia
123Which of the following diseases is diagnosed by using ABR test ?BrucellaABR- Abortus Bang Ring
124Which antiviral drug is indicated for treatment of bird flu/avian influenza ?OseltamvirTaminflu
125Name the toxin(s) produced by Clostridium tetani.All of the above
126What is the toxic side effect of NSAID's when used in excess in dehydrated horses ?FeverColic
127What is the indication of Dioctyl sodium sulfosuccinate (DSS) in cattle ?Bloat
128In which organ are Haemonchus species found in sheep and goats ?Abomasum
129Name the posture where head and neck are extended dorsally towards the backOpisthotonusKyphosis- dosal deviation of spine

Nystagzmus- rapid, uncontrolle movement of eye
130What is the need for utilization of "BAL" technique in feedlot calves ?Pulmonary cytological examination BAL- Broncho Alvelolar Lavage
131Which of the following is performed for amputation of horn in cattle ?Cornual nerve block
132What is the fluctuating non-inflammatory swelling occurring under tongue, commonly seen in dogs, which interferes with mastication and swallowing ?RanulaGlossitis- infammation of tongue

Silolith- stone in salivary duct
133In buffaloes, diaphragmatic hernia occurs mostly inRight hemi-diaphragm
134Omphalocoele refers toUmbilical hernia
135During and after surgery, the bleeding from larger artery is mainly controlled by
136Accumulation of blood in the anterior chamber of the eye is known as HyphemaHypopyon- inflammatory cells in anterior chember

Glaucoma- increased pressure in eyeball
137Which material of the following can be used as negative contrast media in contrast radiography ? all of the aboveRoom air, oxygen, carbon dioxide
138Which is the most common incision site recommended for location and removal of urinary calculi in bovines ?Ischial/ post scrotal urethrotomy
139Which therapy is indicated in acute and hyperacute inflammatory condition ? Cold therapy
140The wounds of more than 6 to 8 hours duration are designated as Contaminated
141To relieve uterine torsion, dam should be rolled in which direction of the torsion ?
142Calffood vaccination against brucellosis can be done in bovines using which strain ? Strain 19
143Luteal cysts secrete which hormone ?Progesterone
144In how many days does post-fertilization bovine embryo come to the uterus ?
145Oestrus can be synchronized in buffaloes by placing intravaginal device of which hormone ?ProgesteronePRID- Progesterone Releasing Intravaginal Device
146In cows, in how many hours after onset of ovulation will oestrus occur ?
147How many follicular waves are seen in each oestrous cycle in bovines ? Two
148How many days after service can early pregnancy diagnosis be carried out more reliably using ultrasonogram in buffaloes ? 30 days
149Onset of puberty occurs in heifers when they reach approximately _______ of their mature weight. 40 to 45 %
150Which of the following can be used for enhancing heat detection in a cow herd ?Vasectomised bull

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