Solved 2011 LDO question paper

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SrQuestionAnswer Remark
1Swimmers itch or cercarial dermatitis in human is caused by penetration of Schistosoma haematobiumDicrocelium dendriticum- Lancet liver fluke
2Inverse age resistance phenomenon Babesiosis in cattle Ascariasis in pig - milk spot liver
3Syngamus trachea is called as Gapeworm of poultryNodular worms- Oesophagostomiasis
Kidney worm of swine -

Stephanurus dentatus

cecal worm of poultry- Heterekis gallinarum
4AI is recommanded to control Tritrichomonas fetus infection Infection remains asymptomatic in breeding bulls also other options are not related to reproductive system
5Common thing in adults of Oestrus ovis, Gastrophilus, HypodermaLarviparous flies
6Heterocyclic amino acid Proline A heterocyclic amino acid is one that has a ring structure in which at least one atom is not carbon.
7Naturally occurring ketohexoseFructoseA ketose containing SIX carbon monosaccharide and it occurs in fruits i.e. natural source
8VFA responsible for milk fat synthesis in cattle

Buteric acid Buteric acid (buteric=butter=fat=milk fat)
9Percentage of gross energy lost as methane in cattle6.42 - 9.83 %
10In grazing animals high molybdenum and sulfate content of forage causes deficiency ofCopperThe common Cu antagonists are 1) iron , 2) molybdenum 3) sulfur .
11Ovary is completely enclosed by ovarian bursa in Bitch
12How many tarsal bones are present in hock joint of ox
13Principle muscle of inspiration in bodyDiaphragm
14Round ligament of urinary bladder is remnant of Umbilical artery
15Longest and largest lymphatic duct in bodyThorasic duct
16Causative agent of glanders in horseAll of the aboveP. equi, M. perfringens. B. Mallei are same
17Fore stomach disease treated by vinegarAlkaline/ simple indigesion
18Indication of flunixine meglumine in horseAnalgesicFlunixin meglumine is a NSAID, ANALGESIC and antipyretic
19Perennial cause of renal insufficiency
20Verminous bronchitis in cattleD. viviparousAlso called as lungworm
21Dimensions for hand bath used for dipping small flock of sheep1.2x1.x0.5 m
22Age group of buck best as a stud2.5 years
23Hormones used for estrus synchronisation PGF2 Alfa and GnRh
24Yolk percentage of very fine wool26%
25DM requirement of meat purpose goat on live weight basis 4-5%
26Inability or reduced ability of male to fertilize is known asImpotentia generandi
27Time of parturition and initiation of parturition is decided byFoetus and ovum
28Drug of choice for superovulation GnRHAs it stimulates growth of ovarian follicles
29In which adrenal virilism is seen Cystic ovarian degeneration A buller cow
30In seasonal breeders which gland controls the reproductive activity by secreting melatonin Pineal gland
31Prolong oral therapy of broad spectrum antibiotics leads to Superinfection
32The antibiotic penicillin is discovered in 1929 by Sir Alexander Flamming
33Loading dose of drug is given by When half life of drug is long
34Ability of drug to cause cancer is called asCarcinogenecity Teratogenecity- distrurb development of embryo

Mutagenecity- cause mutations

Neurotoxicty- toxicity to nervous system
35Atropine is example of Parasympatholytic drug
36Which of the following are viruses that are transmitted by and replicate in arthropod vectors ArbovirusesAr- Arthropod, Bo- borne
37The phenomenon of haemagglutination in influenza virus was first observed by Hirst (1941)
38Which of the following is smallest free living organism without cell wall, bound by triple layered ell membrane and requiring sterol for growth
39Term refers to antibodies produced by a single clone of cells and directed against single antigenic determinant MonoclonalMono- single, clone- type

Poly- more than one

Secretory antibodies- IgA

Auto antibodies- antibodies against own cells
40Gas gangrene caused byCl. perfringens type A
41Association in one partner is benefited and other is neither benefitted nor harmed is known asCommensalismMutualism- non obligatory

Parasitism- one benefited other looses

Phoresis- Phorent is transported by host
42Milk spot on liver is typical post mortem finding of Ascaris Suum
43Haemoglobinuria is commonly observed in Bovine PiroplasmosisPiroplamsosis- due to shape of Babesia
44Black head disease in turkey is caused by Histomonas meleagridis
45The schizont stage of which of the following protozoa is called Koch’s blue bodies Theileria annulata
46Species consist of cotyledons in uterus Cow
47Fibrous type of joint Sutures
48Largest sesamoid bone in body of cattle Patella
49Functional kidney of adult mammal develops from mesonephrous metanephros - ureter
50Which of the following is not a part of hindbrain ThalamusIt is a part of forebrain/diencephelon
51Extra chromosomal element present in bacteria responsible for drug resistancePlasmidFimbrea=attachment

Mesosome- infoldings of plama membrane
52Organism associated with bovine mastitis All of the aboveMastitis is caused by almost all pathogens
53Brucella species can be identified in direct smear of infected tissues by staining with Modified ZN stain
54Test used for confirmation of anthraxMacFadyean, Mouse noculation and Ascoli test
55Which of the following virus occurs in multiple antigenic form
56Disease causing clinical intoxication tetanus
57Virus antigenetically related to BVD virus Swine feverBorder disease of sheep
58Term for high pitched respiratory sound audible with or without stethoscope over a larynx of trachea SrtidorStretor- respiratory sound characterized by heavy snoring or gasping and caused by partial obstruction of airway above larynx
59Name of the coexisting other disease with hypomagnesaemia in calves
60Name of the disease caused by dietary deficiency of calcium, phosphorus and vit D Rickets
61In which season frequency of calf at foot buffaloes is more It also called as 'calf at side' which is a dam is taking care of her own calf which is around 6 to 10 months.
62Two axis method of pricing of milk is based on Fat and SNF
63As per IS 1479 of 1982 milk is graded as very good if the microbial content is Not exceeding 0.2 million
64The lyre horned grey colored with white forehead group of cattle breeds are Kankrej, Malvi, Kheigar, TharparkarLyre= सारंगी
65Dairy farmers always preferred younger bulls because they have Both
66To achieve maximum conception rate cows should be inseminated in which part of oestrus After end of estrus
67The corpus luteum foes not project above the surface in ovary inMareAs oocyte is released through (ovulation) fossa and NOT from surface of ovary
68Biological clock in cow CL
69Embryos frozen in which cryoprotectant can be transferred directly after thawing
70What is minimum number of motile sperms requires per insemination from bulls of known fertility to obtain optimum fertility 10 million
71Which organization regulated wholesale price of eggs in most of the states and towns in the country NECCNECC- National Egg Coordination Committee
72How long the poultry meat can be stored at 1-4 ° C with relative humidity of 80-85 %10-14 day
73In which year NECC was established1982NECC Slogan "My Egg, My Price, My Life"
74Which of the following supplement in laying hen diets at conc of less than 1ppm lowers egg cholesterol and also improve egg interior leading to designer egg Manganese
75What is the energy content of an average sized chicken egg 90kcal155kcal/100g
76Curled toe paralysis is cussed by deficiency of Vit B2
77Inhalation of dust particles of various kinds in the lung is called as

PneumoconiasisPleuritis- Inflammation of pleura

Pleuropneumonia- Inflammation of lung and pleura

Pneumothorax- abnormal collection of air in pleural space
78Inflammation of urinary bladder is called as Cystitis
79Which of the following is not a developmental anomalyVegetative endocarditis
80Carcinoma is malignant tumor of Epithelial tissueConnective tissue- Sarcoma
81Which type of placenta is present in mare DiffuseZonary- dog, cat

Cotyledonary- ruminants

Discoid- human, monkey
82 Which of the following hormones in produced by D cells of Islets of Langerhans of pancreasSomatostatinAlfa cells - glucagon

Beta cells- insulin, amylin

Gamma cells- pancreatic polypetide
83What is the normal value for spermatozoa conc per ml of semen ejaculate of cattle bull 500 to 2500 millionRam/buck- 2000 to 4000

Boar- 200-300

Stallion- 150-300

Dog- 25-125

Cock- 3000-7000
84Which cell is critically dependent on circulating glucose for energy metabolism ErythrocyteRBCs do not have glycogen therefore depend on a continuous supply of glucose to meet their energy requirements
85Which method utilizes minimum number of spermatozoa or an embryo production intracytoplasmic sperm injection ICSI is used in vitro fertilization (IVF) where a single sperm is injected into a mature egg
86Approx. hemoglobin conc in g/dl can be calculated by

PCV/3ex. PCV=45
Hb= 15
87In which animal gall bladder is absent Horsealso absent in deer, rats and laminoids
88Hormone vasopressin is synthesized by which endocrine glandHypothalamusAnterior pitutory- LH, ACTH, FSH, Thyrotropin RH, GnRH

Pars intermedia- Melanocyte stimulating hormone

Posterior pitutory - ADH, oxytocin
89A major source of energy for cardiac muscle metabolism is Free fatty acids
90What is the normal blood glucose level (mg/dl) in ruminants 40-80 g/dl
91Proportion of oxygen in fresh air is 20.96
92Which milking parlor will be a choice if dairy farmer has a barn not in use
93In which case of extra teat, herdsman should not correct it by himself Base is close to normal teatbecause it may damage normal teat during removal or correction
94The buffalo breeding bull is sexually matured at the age of 28
95What factors find better solution to reduce cost of production due to labours Herd type
96Tetanus is also called as Lock jawBottle jaw- parasites, malnutrition etc

Lumpy jaw- Actinomycosis

Rubbery jaw- Fibrous osteodystrophy
97Bleeding from the nasal cavity is called EpistaxisHaematemesis- blood in omitus

Haemoptysis- blood in cough

Malena- blood in stool/feces
98Inflammation of crop is called Ingluvitischelitis- inflammation of lips

Thalitis- inflammation of teats

Coxitis- inflammation of hip joint
99Presence of petechial haemorrhages at the orifices of proventricular glands is a typical gross lesion of New Castle Disease
100Increased red blood cells in circulation is called as PolycythemiaOligocythemia- decrease in RBC

Leukemia- cancer of blood or bone marrow

Anisocytosis-unequal Sized RBCs
101Which is the black meat producing breed of chicken ?KadaknathMore melanin production, also known as Kalamasi
102Which of the following parts of a dressed broiler is not included in the giblets Kidneys
103Product prepared with the addition of egg content becomes spongy due to
104As per ICMR recommendation how many eggs should be consumed per person per day1/2 half
105What is the normal value for shape index for chicken egg 74sharp eggs (SI < 72),
normal (standard) eggs (SI = 72–76) and
round eggs (SI > 76)
106Extensive edematous condition of conjunctiva is known as ChemosisKeratitis- inflammation of cornea

Conjunctivitis- inflammation of conjunctiva

Pterygium- pinkish, triangular tissue growth on cornea of eye
107Resection of devitalized and necrotic caecum is termed as TyphlectomyEnterotomy- Incision into intestine
Enterectomy- Removal of intestine
Caceotomy- insicion into the caecum (Typhlotomy)
108A reducible swelling alongside the anus occurring due to tearing of pelvic diaphragm muscle , fairly common in old dogs and uncommon in ruminant is termed asInguinal hernia
109The local an aesthesia that blocks both sensory and motor nerves and 2-4 times potent than lignocaine is Lidocaine
110What kind of imaging technique is routinely used to monitor the efficacy of a treatment schedule in fracture repairRadiography
111Which of the following is long day breedersHorsesShort day- sheep, goat, mice
112Silent heat is commonly seen in which species Buffaloes
113Which is the site of fertilization in mammals Ampullary-Isthmic Junction
114Which site is preferred for AI in cattle to achieve maximum conception rate Mid- cervix to body of Uterus
115The pro-estrual bleeding in canine is seen due to RBC escaping due to Dipedesisfrom intact blood vessels
116 To preserve the biological significance of the colostrum after birth it should be 2 hrs@1.5Kg/day
117In what proportion gestation period of buffalo is more than that of cows 30
118The colostrum of cow (a)has 6 times more proteins (b) has 3 times more albumin (c) has laxative action All of the above
119What percentage of world cattle population does India have as per livestock census 2003 16
120Which is the dairy farming that is best suited to a particular market type requiring less labor and works easily reduced to routine loose housing
121Carbonic anhydrase enzyme has which of the following element Zinc
122Which enzyme catalyzes the removal of peroxides that explains the antioxidant role of seleniumGlutathione peroxidase
123Nutritional roup in poultry characterized by mucopurulent rhinitis is caused due to deficiency of Vit A
124Tryptophan is the precursor of Niacin
125Enzyme secreted by acrosome which helps in penetration of spermatozoa in to the ovum Hyaluronidase
126Which type of placentation is seen in caninesZonaryZonary- dog, cat

Cotyledonary- ruminants

Discoid- human, monkey
127For prevention of hypocalcaemia dietary cation-anion difference of prepartal diets should be
128Which test can be used as herd screening test for diagnosis of Brucellosis Milk ring testVaginal mucus agglutination test- Vibriosis/Campylobateriosis
129In ETT non-surgical recovery of embryos is carried out on which days post estrus in bovines 6 to 8 daysIt is also called as flushing
130Which hormone triggers pre-ovulatory LH surge Estradiol
131Which antimicrobials may cause arthopathic toxicity in pups Fluroquinolones
132Therapeutic index is ratio of LD50/ED50
133Prodrug is Inactive drug that gets activated in body
134Dose of drug depend on Serum levels ????
135Drug metabolism occurs mainly in Liver
136As a pre-anesthetic what sedative routinely used in domestic ruminant that produces satisfactory sedation muscle relaxation and analgesiaXylazine????
137The surgery conducted for the purpose of diagnosis of condition in animals is Exploratory surgeryExtirpative- complete removal of organ
Radical- removal of blood supply, lymph nodes and structures nearby diseased organ or tumor
138What surgical procedure is indicated to remove foreign bodies from the reticulum Ruminotomy
139Futile an painful attempts to void urine urethral pulsation, dry muzzle, salivation, suspended rumination, tense abdomen and rectal palpation revealing full distended urinary bladder in bullock is indicative of Urethral obstruction
140The condition caused by rough roads and extra heavy loads in bullocks and buffalo bulls Yoke gall
141Crude protein and TDN content of calf starter should becp-22% tdn -75%
142In high yielding animals the important amino acid source for post rumen digestion is now considered as
143The minimum digestive crude protein in the ration of Indian breeding buck should be 4-6%
144As per BIS (1992) CP and ME content of broiler started feed should be 23%, 2800 kcal /kg
145Digestible energy content per kg of diet for lactating rabbit does should be 2500 kcal
146The percent contribution of wool income in total income of sheep enterprise is
147Dipping after shearing should be practiced preferably after 3wks
148The developed breed of goat Anglo-Nubian evolved from following breeds Nubian and Jamunapari
149The dressing percentage in lambs is 55-60%
150The finest quality wool will have diameter spinning count and fiber length as 18-24 u, 64-80s, 2.5-12.5 cm

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